• Carlisle

    22.5x10-8 Carlisle HD Field Trax

    22.5x10-8 Carlisle HD Field Trax OE on John Deere Gators and fits other ATVs and Utility Vehicles. Designed to get things done in the field and around the farm. This tire is Tubeless, no...

  • Carlisle

    22x11-8 Carlisle Knobby

    22x11-8 Carlisle Knobby Rugged ATV tire with a Knobby tread for a smooth ride with extra traction. This is tire only. Wheel is NOT included.  

  • Carlisle

    22x11.00-8 Carlisle Turf CTR

    22x11.00-8 Carlisle Turf CTR Round shoulder tread design prevents turf damage. Used on Zero Turn mowers. Check your tire size before you order. For more tire specs, click on "Other Details" above...

  • Carlisle

    23x10.50-12 Carlisle All Trail

    23x10.50-12 Carlisle All Trail Used on your Lawn Mower or Garden Tractor, this tire will give you more traction than a Turf tire, but is not as aggressive as a Lug tire. This...

  • Carlisle

    23x8.50-12 Carlisle Trac Chief 6 ply

    23x8.50-12 Carlisle 6 Ply Trac Chief Industrial lug tire used on Skid Steer Loaders, Compact Tractors and Lifts. This tire is Tubeless, no tube required. For more tire specs, see...

  • Carlisle

    23x8.50-12 Carlisle Tru Power 4 ply

    23x8.50-12 Carlisle 4 Ply Tru Power Lug 45 degree tread angle for excellent traction. Wide tread for superior flotation. This tire is Tubeless, no tube required. For more tire...

  • Carlisle

    23x8.50-12 Carlisle Turf Master 4 ply

    23x8.50-12 Carlisle Turf Master 4 Ply Turf Master is a "Commercial Service" tire with Carlisle's most durable rubber compound  and deep tread for longer wear and more traction. Square...