• Specialty

    20 x 7.5 Flap

    20 x 7.5 Flap Zero valve stem hole offset. Fits 7.50-20, 8.25-20 and 9.00-20 tires. Flaps are used with multi-piece wheels. One piece wheels do not use flaps.

  • Firestone

    7.50-20 Firestone Military 10 ply

    7.50-20 Firestone "E" (10 Ply) Military Bias ply, non-directional military tire. Used on many military vehicles.   This tire is Tube-type and requires a tube. Check your tire size before buying. Tire only. The...

  • Power King

    7.50-20 Power King Super Highway HD Rib

    7.50-20 Power King "E" (10 ply) Super Highway HD Rib Premium Bias ply, all position Hwy Rib tire. Used on many older Fire Trucks, Farm Trucks and others.  This tire is Tube-type and requires a tube. For more tire specs, see "Details" above...