• Rubber Master

    6.00/6.50-19,20 Tube TR-15

    This tube fits 6.00-19, 6.50-19, 6.00-20 and 6.50-20 tires. Has a TR-15 valve stem Valve Height 1.38", Diameter 0.65"

  • Firestone

    6.50-20 Firestone Original 3-Rib 6 ply

    6.50-20 Firestone 6 Ply Guide Grip Original 3-Rib Front Tractor This is the original tread that Firestone used from the early 1940s to 1960. This tire has three ribs, with "Notches" in the outer two ribs. Use this tire to make your tractor restoration...

  • Mounting Code A

    Tire mounting Fee For Tube-Type tires, you will need to purchase TIRE, TUBE & WHEEL. For Tubeless tires, you will need to purchase TIRE, TUBELESS VALVE STEM & WHEEL. For mounting code, see mounting code in your tire description.