• 6.00/6.50-19,20 Tube TR-15

    Rubber Master

    6.00/6.50-19,20 Tube TR-15

    This tube fits 6.00-19, 6.50-19, 6.00-20, 6.50-20 & 5.00-21 tires. Tubes are like rubber bands, they will stretch to fit more than one size tire. Has a TR-15 valve stem Valve Height 1.38", Diameter 0.65"

  • 5.00-21 Firestone Power Implement 4 ply


    5.00-21 Firestone Power Implement 4 ply

    5.00-21 Firestone 4 Ply Original Power Implement This is the original tread that Firestone used in the 1930s and 1940s. This tire has the closed lug tread. Used on the old horse drawn Hay Mowers, on the "trip" side on the old Plows and other...