4.00- 8

  • Martin

    8x3.75 Steel Wheel, 3" hub, 3/4" Bearing

    8" x 3.75" Steel Wheel. 3" hub, 3/4" bearings. Rim width (3.75") is measured inside, bead to bead, NOT outside to outside. Used on garden tractors and lawn carts. For 4.00-8 and 4.80-8 tires. Check your rim style and tire size...

  • Deestone

    4.00-8 Deestone 3-Rib Front 4 ply

    4.00-8 Deestone 4 Ply 3-Rib Front Tractor Used on many Lawn & Garden Tractors.  Give your garden tractor the LOOK of a BIG tractor. Improves steering and lowers front of garden tractor for tractor pulling. This 4.00-8 tire can used in...

  • Firestone

    4.80-8 Firestone Turf Guide 4 ply

    4.80-8 Firestone Turf Guide Rib 4 Ply Used on the front of many older garden tractors. Use this tire to make your tractor restoration complete. This tire is Tubeless, no tube required. For more tire specs, see "Details" above. Check your tire...