• 9.5-20 BKT Compact Tractor Tire 8 Ply


    9.5-20 BKT Compact Tractor Tire 8 Ply

    9.5-20 BKT 8 Ply Compact Tractor Tire R-1 Ag Lug. Long Bar tread for excellent traction Used on many 4WD Compact Tractors This tire is Tube-type and requires a tube For more tire specs, see "Details" above Check your tire size before...

  • 9.5/11.2/12.4-18,20 Tube TR-218

    Rubber Master

    9.5/11.2/12.4-18,20 Tube TR-218

    This tube fits 9.5-18, 9.5-20, 11.2-18, 11.2-20, 12.4-18 and 12.4-20 tires.  May be used in both Bias and Radial tires. Has a TR-218 air/water valve stem for tractor tires. Valve Height 1-7/8", Diameter 0.625"