• 40x8 Tube TR-150


    40x8 Tube TR-150

    This tube fits Antque Truck Tires 40x8 and 9.00-24 tires. Sold-Out till Nov Has a TR-150 valve stem, 3 1/5" long for 5/8" valve holes. Made in the USA

  • 40x8 BFGoodrich Truck Tire 10 Ply


    40x8 BFGoodrich Truck Tire 10 Ply

    40x8 BFGoodrich Truck Tire 10 ply Bias ply, all position "Oval Block" tire. 40x8 is the old number size, today is 9.00-24 and fits on a 24" rim.  Used on many older Fire Trucks, Farm Trucks and others.   Check your tire size...

  • 24 x 8.2 Flap

    Rubber Master

    24 x 8.2 Flap

    24 x 8.2 Flap Zero valve stem hole offset. Fits 7.50-24, 9.00-24, 10.00-24, 12.00-24, 38x7 and 40x8 tires. Flaps are used with multi-piece wheels. One piece wheels do not use flaps.