• Carlisle

    18x8.50-10 Carlisle Trac Chief 4 ply

    18x8.50-10 Carlisle 4 Ply Trac Chief ( 215/50-10 ) Industrial lug tire used on Skid Steer Loaders, Garden Tractors, Compact Tractors and Lifts. This tire is Tubeless, no tube required. For more tire specs, see "Details" above. Check...

  • Carlisle

    18x8.50-10 Carlisle Versa Turf 4 ply Radial

    18x8.50R10 Carlisle Versa Turf 4 ply Radial My be used in place of 215/50-10 The New Versa Turf is the perfect blend of R1 traction with R3 turf protection. This tire has a 60% deeper tread depth than your standard R3 tire designs. The tire is...