• Firestone

    11.2-36 Firestone Field & Road 23

    Firestone Field & Road 23 R-1 Ag Lug. 23 Degree Long Bar tread for excellent traction. Used on many Farm Tractors from 1961 to today.  Check your tire size before buying. Tire only. The tube and wheel are sold separately...

  • Titan

    11.2-36 Titan Farm Tractor 4 ply

    11.2-36 Titan 4 Ply Farm Tractor R-1 Ag Lug. Long Bar with multi angle tread. For Antique  Farm Tractors. This tire is Tube-type and requires a tube. For more tire specs, click on "Other Details" above. Check your tire size before buying...

  • Rubber Master

    11.2/13.6-36 Tube TR-218

    This tube fits 10-36, 11-36, 12-36, 11.2-36, 12.4-36 and 13.6-36 tires.  Has a TR-218 air/water valve stem for tractor tires. Valve Height 1-7/8", Diameter 0.625"

  • Mounting Code D

    Tire mounting Fee For Tube-Type tires, you will need to purchase TIRE, TUBE & WHEEL. For Tubeless tires, you will need to purchase TIRE, TUBELESS VALVE STEM & WHEEL. For mounting code, see mounting code in your tire description.