• Carlisle

    18x8.50-10 Carlisle Versa Turf 4 ply Radial

    18x8.50R10 Carlisle Versa Turf 4 ply Radial My be used in place of 215/50-10 The New Versa Turf is the perfect blend of R1 traction with R3 turf protection. This tire has a 60% deeper tread depth than your standard R3 tire designs. The tire is...

  • Kenda

    18x8.50-10 Kenda Terra Trac 4 ply

    18x8.50-10 Kenda Terra Trac 4 ply Then used on your Lawn Mower or Garden Tractor, this tire will give you more traction than a Turf tire, but is not as aggressive as a Lug tire. This tire will help you get up the hills, but...

  • Rubber Master

    18x8.50-10 Rubber Master Turf 4 ply

     18x8.50-10 Rubber Master Turf 4 ply Square shoulders and wide flat tread design prevents turf damage and provides excellent traction. This tire is Tubeless, no tube required. Check your tire size before you order. Tire only. The tube...