4.00- 6

  • Carlisle

    4.00-6 Carlisle Rib Flat Free Tire & Wheel

    4.00-6 Carlisle Rib Flat Free Tire & Wheel Round shoulders design prevents turf damage. Carlisle Flat Free tires provide the bounce and load handling characteristics similar to an air filled tire, with the benefit of never going...

  • Deestone

    4.00-6 Deestone Wheelbarrow Rib 4 ply

    4.00-6 Deestone Wheelbarrow Rib 4 ply Whatever the load or task our Wheelbarrow Rib tires are up to the challenge.  Fits lawn carts, spreaders and wheelbarrows.  Non-highway service. This tire is Tubeless, no tube required. For more...