• 11.2-20 Speedway Grip King


    11.2-20 Speedway Grip King

    11.2-20 Speedway Grip King 8 Ply R-1 Ag Lug. Long Bar tread for excellent traction. Used on many 4WD Compact Tractors.  For more tire specs, click on "Other Details" above. Check your tire size before buying. Tire only. The tube and wheel...

  • 9.5/11.2/12.4-18,20 Tube TR-218

    Rubber Master

    9.5/11.2/12.4-18,20 Tube TR-218

    This tube fits 9.5-18, 9.5-20, 11.2-18, 11.2-20, 12.4-18 and 12.4-20 tires.  May be used in both Bias and Radial tires. Has a TR-218 air/water valve stem for tractor tires. Valve Height 1-7/8", Diameter 0.625"