Dad began selling tires long before the M. E. Miller Tire Co. was founded in 1970.

From 1958 to 1969 he owned and operated M. E. Miller & Son Trucking, with eight semis hauling cattle from Chicago stockyards to New York and returning west with steel.  

As he purchased truck tires in large quantities, his drivers and friends would ask him to order car tires for them. So he had a trucking company that was selling car and truck tires as well.

In 1969, the Chicago Stockyards (sitting on prime real estate in the middle of the city) was moved to Peoria IL and that location wouldn’t work into the schedule he had going for eleven years.

In 1970, Dad focused full time on selling tires and added the farm tire inventory as well. Miller Tire soon became known for having any size farm tire.

In 1985, Dad passed the presidency to his son Ed.

In 1989, we began promoting tires for the antique farm market. While we continue to happily serve our local customers with every size tire, the restoration market has been a great niche for us.

In 1993, Dad passed away at the age of 70.

Today my brother Ed and I own and manage the business and we love what we do!

Ed sported a license plate with CWFM. Unlike those who TGIF, he anticipates the start of a new week with “Can’t Wait For Monday!”


-..Bev Miller