• 36x6, 38x7 Tube TR-135


    36x6, 38x7 Tube TR-135

    This tube fits Antique Truck Tires 36x6, 38x7, 700-24 and 7.50-24 tires. Has a TR-135 valve stem, 2 1/4" long for 5/8" valve holes. This tube is labeled with the METRIC size 895x135.  

  • 38x7 BFGoodrich Truck Tire 10 Ply


    38x7 BFGoodrich Truck Tire 10 Ply

    38x 7 BFGoodrich Truck Tire 10 Ply Bias ply, all position "Oval Block" tire. 38x7 is the old number size, today is 7.50-24 and fits on a 24" rim.  Used on many older Fire Trucks, Farm Trucks and others.   This tire is...

  • 24 x 8.2 Flap

    Rubber Master

    24 x 8.2 Flap

    24 x 8.2 Flap Zero valve stem hole offset. Fits 7.50-24, 9.00-24, 10.00-24, 12.00-24, 38x7 and 40x8 tires. Flaps are used with multi-piece wheels. One piece wheels do not use flaps.